"Some of the work we do"

Job Types

 Storm water typical manholes             Storm water manholes covers  

 Stormwater gullies                                   Telephone handholes  

 Stormwater non-typical manhole        Telephone manholes  

 Illustration of Plan Concrete Block      F-H Sign Board 

                                            Street Light Handhole 


At British Contractor Precast (BC-KW) we do what it takes to bring your project from a concept to reality. BC-KW produces a full range of architectural & structural 

In today's competitive, quality and time conscious engineering market, precast concrete provides unlimited advantages when site compatibility, fast-track schedules, weather restraints and overall life-cycle costs become major factors in project management.

Precast insures high quality, high strength, true shapes, and surfaces with finishes that meet the designers’ expectations. Furthermore, precast elements can be fabricated while foundation and site work are in progress, resulting in a significant reduction in time and cost.precast/prestressed concrete and GRC products in Kuwait and Gulf. Our customized products have been specially developed with latest facilities to meet our clients’ requirements needed for office or residency buildings, parking skeletons, warehouses and factory stores in addition to bridge elements and piles.